Romano Drom 2017 – Help us to help

Dear friends,

Ida Kelarová (Photo: © MIRET, z. s. archive)

Ida Kelarová (Photo: © MIRET, z. s. archive)

when over 20 years ago Ida Kelarová returned home to the Czech Republic she found that the relationship between Roma and non Roma was full of hatred and misunderstanding. She felt some sort of responsibility and decided to engage in this problem, she spent a lot of time understanding where and how the breakdown was and thinking of ways to make it better.

From then on she has been searching for talented children and youth from Roma settlements and ghetto’s in Czech Republic and Slovakia and working with them.

“Some settlements can seem a little like a concentration camp where it can fell like a life sentence and impossible to leave, I have been visiting these settlements for more than 20 years now and I still think how is it possible that nothing has changed. I then decided to start helping children and to give them the motivation to take their future into their own hands, show them that they can get educated, they can follow their dreams and to show them a path. My goal is to show that they can set an example to the other Roma’s, so that they can work on themselves to better their lives. It is for this reason that every year I organise the artistic summer camp. “ says Ida Kelarová

Photo: © Jakub Plíhal, MIRET, z. s. archive

Photo: © Jakub Plíhal, MIRET, z. s. archive

Like every year Ida Kelarova and her team are preparing the summer camp. This years is planned to take place from 29th July – 12th August, however this year the non-profit organisation that Ida has founded – MIRET has not been successful in obtaining financial support therefore the summer camp is at risk. We placed an application through the Erasmus+ project however is was rejected due to so many applicants and unfortunately the pot of money was just not big enough.

We now turn our appeal to you. We need 450 000 CZK ( approx. 17 000 Euro ) This is an amount that would cover the cost for 60 children to attend. The cost for 1 child for the full 14 days is approximately 7500 CZK ( 280 EURO ) This covers travel, accommodation and food for the whole duration.

Photo: © Jakub Plíhal, MIRET, z. s. archive

Photo: © Jakub Plíhal, MIRET, z. s. archive

This summer camp is intended for Roma children and youth from socially deprived families that are based in settlement and ghetto’s from various locations across Czech Republic and mainly northern Slovakia. Ida Kelarova and her team will work with them without taking any payment.

Documentary film about the summer camp Romano Drom 2015

Our work has a meaning and has an outcome. You can see for yourself in the documentray film by Tomas Kudrna „Ida´s Idea“ („O čo ide Idě?“) which captures scenes from the 2015 Romano Drom camp. Some members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra also attended. You can play the film here.

You can also listen to some feedback from the children that attended camp previoulsy and are now apart of the Chavorenge choir (translated „for the children“):

Please if you can help then we would be most grateful, we want to keep helping the children. Be apart of witnessing these children evolve and gain confidence to follow their dreams.

With all our hearts, we thank you!

Please contact us on for any further questions

Any financial donations can be made to the following account:

IBAN: CZ2901000000789945800227