Slovakia, July 26 – August 10, 2014
A programme granted by the
International Visegrad Fund

The Romano drom is a summer school for socially excluded Roma youth active in art. This project is based upon the long-standing experiences of civic association MIRET in the work with Roma youth at the risk of social exclusion.


The main goal of the summer school is to create common space for sharing Roma culture and experience in music and dance. The participants from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will create common artistic programme with contribution of each group and with idea of building self-awareness within the European fellowship. The whole programme will follow the preparation of final concerts for Roma people in Slovak settlements.

The project involves three countries of the Visegrad group – the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – to support mutual cooperation among these countries in the area of culture and to start up the art career of young people. The Roma youth can reach success, connection to each other and find way to wide society through their cultural heritage.


The participants will get an opportunity to learn from each other, gain knowledge and skills enable them to be more active, to be proud of being Roma and to strengthen their identity and confidence.

The summer school workshops and classes:

  • singing workshops;
  • traditional Roma dance workshops;
  • modern dance workshops;
  • guitar workshops;
  • Roma language classes;
  • languages classes;
  • English language classes;
  • Roma identity, history and tradition lectures;
  • education in relationships, partnership and sexual education;
  • team building activities;
  • sport and free time activities;
  • common writing the story of the summer school.


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